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Graphic Design

At Ferguson Printing we use all elements of design and composition to create award winning products. From simple line art, combining shapes and sizes, using the correct space and color variable, then adding texture and value, Ferguson Printing has been creating stunning designs for over 60 years. Simply following the principles of design including balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, pattern, and graduation does not work in today's marketplace. At Ferguson Printing we combine all principles of design including working closely with our customers to develop award winning compositions that help our clients grow their business. Most importantly, we listen to what our customers are trying to achieve.

Sometimes creating a brand from scratch is challenging. Branding is an essential part of your business in order to create the correct marketing strategies and make a lasting impression with your customers. We have helped thousands of customers overcome this challenge for decades. From designing the perfect logo to creating stationary that represents your goals, let the professionals at Ferguson Printing help.

Logo and Stationary Design Service

Our basic logo design service starts at $60.00. After your logo is created and you are completely excited about using it on you advertising material we offer a stationary design package that includes letterhead, business cards, and envelopes starting at $175.00. Our goal throughout the entire process is to help your business grow. Our questions focus on can you use the logo for the intended purpose and is print production affordable. For example, could you use 2 colors rather than full-color within the logo to present your brand - saving you the cost of full-color on all your printed material. You may be using your design on the web where the correct file size and type is important, we'll help you along the way.

Do you want to make a point, enhance your design, highlight key points, or just spice things up. Maybe using metallic inks, spot colors, spot or full UV coatings, or foil stamping. Ferguson Printing can help. Maybe specialty papers, custom folds, custom binding, round corners, strings, wires, or padding. Ferguson Printing can help with that also. We'll help you find the right approach to increase your marketing success. That's our guarantee!