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At Ferguson Printing, Inc. we are able to number on almost any media. From short or long run consecutive numbering to skip numbering, (descending or ascending) our facility can handle all numbering projects.

Types of numbering available include:

  • Impact (or crash) numbering where the set of sheets (mostly forms) are numbered by impacting the top sheet with pressure to impress the lower sheets in one pass. Normally the top number will be colored in red or black with the lower sheets the color of the carbonless ink (mostly black or dark blue). We can number in any color including metallic inks.
  • Digital numbering where the sheets are numbered individually. At Ferguson Printing, Inc. we have software that can position a number anywhere on the sheet, in any position, as a single number or multiple numbers anywhere on the page. These numbers can increment consecutive or skip based on your requirements.
  • We also offer self-inking stamps that provide numbering and/or dates along with your message. Please contact us for pricing.

Both Impact and Digital numbering have their benefits depending on the application. Impact is great on forms, digital is great on individual sheets with more fonts available. Impact is better for security because of the indentation it makes on the sheet whereas digital could be manipulated. We will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your application.